The Smart Tourism programme is a 3 year programme delivered through the Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA)* and supported by the Scottish Funding Council, Scottish tourism organisations and industry.

The aim of the programme is to provide innovative approaches and technology to enhance the Scottish tourism sector's technology base, helping local SMEs and corporates operating at the technology-tourism interface, leading to increased employment and sustainable economic growth.

* SICSA is a research pool collaboration of Scottish Universities whose goal is to develop and extend Scotland's position as a world leader in Informatics and Computer Science research. We aim to achieve this by working cooperatively rather than competitively, by providing mutual support and sharing facilities, by working closely with industry and government and by appointing and retaining world-class staff and research students in Scottish Universities. We believe that research excellence is critical in a modern economy as a driver for enterprise and innovation. SICSA works closely with companies of all sizes. Dialogue helps transfer advanced research to industry and informs researchers of current industrial problems. 

Smart Tourism is supported by the Scottish Funding Council and by dot.rural